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What My Clients & Partners Say...

This was our 2nd time working with Eric Aramian. His team was always in contact, easy to reach and responded quickly to all emails. In addition, we appreciated the automatic regular updates on our loan status and the task list feature which let us know how far into the process we were. Of course, the low cost of the loan service itself was what drew us to him in the first place, but we are always impressed with his commitment to trustworthy customer service!
-DianaBaca Ortiz

Eric and his team were forth coming on all levels. Communication, professionalism, timeliness. They made it a very
seamless process. My wife and I could not be happier with the entire process. Thank you for everything Aramian Group!
-Charles Harvey

Best Mortgage broker in the valley! They made the process of buying a house in this crazy market so easy!
everything went as scheduled and we were able to move the day we closed on the house we sold. Eric Aramian and his group are the best!
-Bianka Joana Sánchez

Eric and his team were great and I highly recommend them for anyone. I actually switched over from another lender. My other lender told me that I had no choice but to come out of pocket for my VA loan. When I switched to The Aramian Group, Eric explained that I could have a better interest rate and get some of my earnest money back. They are very honest & great at communicating with you about whatever is needed. Recommend to anyone in need!
-Lindsay Santmyer

Eric and his team are responsive and knowledgeable. They explain the ins and outs of a refi so that it makes sense and is understandable. He and his team are very professional and courteous and will do everything they can in your best interest.
Verified Customer!
-David Spierer Phoenix

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